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                        Alumina industry definitions and usage analysis

                        With the rapid development of China's electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, machinery and other industries, the market demand for aluminum is still a large room for growth, alumina production will continue to grow. China reported hall below alumina industry consolidation definitions and usage analysis.

                        Definition of alumina

                        Alumina (Al2O3), industrial Al2O3 by bauxite (Al2O3?3H2O) and diaspore prepared for the high purity requirements of Al2O3, usually with chemical method.

                        There are many allomorphs Al2O3, there are more than 10 kinds of currently known, there are three kinds of crystal, namely γ-Al2O3, β-Al2O3, α-Al2O3. Wherein the structures of different nature or different, at a high temperature above 1300 ℃ almost complete conversion of α-Al2O3.

                        The use of alumina

                        Ruby, sapphire main ingredients are all aluminum, as other impurities present different color, sapphire is iron oxide and titanium oxide and blue.

                        ⒉ main ingredient in aluminum ore bauxite, and alumina highest. Industrially, bauxite purified via Bayer process alumina, and then change the Hall-Heroult process for the aluminum metal.

                        ⒊ aluminum to react with oxygen in the air, generating a dense aluminum oxide film covering in aluminum surface exposed to air.

                        ⒋ aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and heat. Crystal form of alumina because of the high hardness, suitable as abrasive and cutting tools.

                        ⒌ alumina powder commonly pornographic layer analysis of vehicle.

                        ⒍ 2004 August serving in the US company 3M scientists developed a synthesis of aluminum and rare earth element alloy called transparent alumina to produce tempered glass.

                        For more information, please consult the alumina industry analysis report hall China "issued 2014--2018 China's aluminum industry market research and investment outlook report."

                        Ceramic role

                        Calcined alumina and alumina into general industrial alumina, calcined alumina is an essential raw material production of antique brick, but can be used for the production of industrial alumina ceramic stone, in traditional glaze, the alumina used as whitening. Because of antique brick and ceramic stone favored by the market, the amount of alumina is growing year by year.

                        Therefore, alumina ceramic emerged in the ceramic industry - alumina ceramic is a kind of Al?O? as the main raw material, alumina-based polycrystalline ceramic material phase. Because of its high mechanical strength, hardness, high frequency dielectric low loss, high temperature, high insulation resistance, chemical resistance and good thermal conductivity and other excellent comprehensive technical performance and other advantages.

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